Cost of life coaching sessions with accredited life coach Dr Dave Wood Wirral UK


Our induction, premium, standard and express life coaching sessions are all delivered on a one-to-one basis. Your starting point is a thirty minute induction session.

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  • Initial Life Coaching Induction Appointment - The starting point in your coaching and wellbeing journey with us if you are new to our services or haven't attended in the past six months. Cost £25.
  • Premium Life Coaching Appointment - A full hour to explore and plan your route forward. Our most comprehensive option for coaching in relation to complex issues. Cost £50.
  • Standard Life Coaching Appointment - For those who have already made good progress on their journey. A popular option with 30 minutes to review and continue to navigate your route forward. Cost £30.
  • Express Coaching Appointment - If you are well on track and just need to check in this brief focused coaching session will help you review your progress and make small adjustments. Cost £15.
  • One-to-one Wellbeing Training Sessions - Our exclusive one-to-one tutored sessions on a variety of wellbeing topics. Cost £50.

For people who want to maintain some support after their one-to-one coaching sessions we have now introduced the Realign Peer Coaching Circle (cost £5 in person). Our structured small group coaching option is a place for exploring, reinforcing and sustaining progress. Only open to people who have already received coaching with us. Only a maximum of eight people attend any meeting.


We also offer email coaching through a partner site, which starts at $5 plus administration costs.


In addition to our life coaching, we also offer a variety of life and wellbeing courses along with professional and vocational workshops. We offer these through our partner social enterprise Metanoeo CIC.


All of our life coaching and training sessions can be booked online via the buttons below.


Tel: (+44) 07472 716 195

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Realign Coaching is a trading name for Dr Dave Wood. Dave is an individual and organisational member of the Association for Coaching.

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