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What is life coaching? Answered by Dr Dave Wood, accredited life coach Wirral UK


Life coaching has been described as “a purposeful conversation with individuals which inspires them to create the life they want”, or “a non-hands on talking relationship engaging the beneficiaries’ imagination and/or feedback”.


Although similar to counselling in that it is based around a conversation, it differs in being wholly focused on how you move forward. In coaching, discussions about the past are simply a reality check for looking to the future.


You don't need to have a problem to engage in life coaching. Whilst issues prompt many coachees to begin their coaching journey, life coaching gives you the opportunity to reflect on life and make small changes which will improve your day-today experiences as well as working on longer term goals.

Why you might come to a life coach


People come to a life coach for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common outcomes include:


Someone achieving their goal - life coach uk

Increased achievement in one’s personal or professional life.

Improved mental wellbeing - life coach uk

Improved physical or mental wellbeing.

Finding direction in life - life coach uk

Greater personal integrity in life direction.

Improved quality of life - life coach uk

Improved confidence and self-esteem.


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