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Below is a series of real life case studies from people I have coached. This is just a small sample. Clients have included people in crisis to career professionals looking to improve their experience of their personal or professional life. Typical results from our coaching sessions include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Improved confidence
  • Better wellbeing and mental health
  • More commitment to achieving your goals and ambitions.
  • An increase in enjoyment of life.

*In all these cases, the names have been changed to protect their identity.

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Stacey, a woman in her forties and an unemployed recovering heroin addict, completed a course of life coaching with amazing results.

As we started the coaching journey Stacey described how she wanted to, “gain confidence, get direction, and explore options and feelings.” Over the weeks we discussed a number of matters setting weekly goals to address the issues raised. When we completed our last coaching session Stacey exclaimed, “I feel like my life has moved forward loads. Amazing!” Following completion of her life coaching Stacey had also gained full-time employment.


Louise, a woman in her forties and unemployed, had suffered many years of domestic and sexual abuse. She had experienced therapy and counselling and now wanted to move forward with her life.

As we started our coaching Louise stated her desire for, “direction, self-belief and understanding.” Initial sessions included many tears and self-apologies which we quickly addressed as a target; no apologies for being self! As we progressed through the weeks the tears turned to laughter and excitement for the future. Louise gained employment and by the end of our coaching journey and reported a, “good insight into myself, definite coping strategies … learning to talk and explore issues in a safe environment.”

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Andy, a man in his forties and unemployed, had suffered with a level of depression which had prevented him from living his life to the full for over twelve years.

As we started our coaching journey Andy struggled to leave his home to get to appointments but persisted and stated a desire to build his self-esteem, confidence and to get to a stage where he might be able to become a volunteer. Over the weeks we worked together Andy’s confidence grew and by the end of our final session Andy had trained to become a peer coach himself and was helping others to make the progress in life he had made.


Dave, a nineteen year who was struggling with a number of issues in life, started his coaching journey with a desire to increase his motivation and use his time more productively.

By the end of our sessions, Dave commented; “The sessions have been helpful having an outside perspective. I've learned to think more before speaking and to not read too much in to how people interact with me. I've gained knowledge in the way I approach things and I'm feeling happier in life now. I've got better aspirations and I feel like I am now positively moving forward.”


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