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Vogue by Madonna

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Strike a pose.

Vogue by Madonna

Taken from the album:

Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache, it’s everywhere that you go. You try everything you can to escape, the pain of life that you know.

Life may not always be what you want it to be, but we can always choose to respond positively. In this week’s song, Vogue, Madonna proposes she has the solution.

When all else fails and you long to be, something better than you are today. I know a place where we can get away …

So, what does Madonna suggest? I’m guessing you already know … a dance floor, and here’s what it’s for! Whilst I’m not convinced we can just dance our way out of trouble, at least not all the time anyway, there is something more to this suggestion worth considering.

Dancing can certainly bring joy and laughter. It can also provide exercise which comes with its own emotional boost mechanisms. Yet what intrigues me is the next lyric.

All you need is your own imagination, so use it that’s what it’s for. Go inside, for your finest inspiration, your dreams will open the door.

This is where I think Madonna has something valuable to say to us. When we engage our imagination, we can begin to see how we can respond to even the most challenge situation. It may not resolve the issue, or change the circumstances, but it can help us move.

So how do we engage our imagination? Madonna’s suggestion of the dance floor is not too far off really. If the music’s pumping it will give you new life. You’re a superstar … Where and what sparks you to have fun and be imaginatively yourself. Finding those places and doing those things can help us become more creative in our problem solving and emotionally resilient in our situation. It may be dancing. Equally it may be gardening, sport, woodwork, reading, learning … whatever does it for you.

As Madonna says; Beauty’s where you find it.

So why not choose your dance floor today? And if you need some help doing so, why not consider booking an appointment with the author, Dr Dave Wood?

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