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High Hopes - Pink Floyd - Wellbeing Blog

June 2019

Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary.

High Hope by Pink Floyd

The impact of the loss of the wonder of youth.

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Under pressure - Queen and David Bowie - wellbeing blog

July 2019

This is ourselves, under pressure.

Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

Responding to pressure.

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Summertime (Bonus Edition) by New Kids on the Block - Wellbeing blog

August 2019

I think about you in the summertime

Summertime by New Kids on the Block

The problem of romanticising the past.

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Started out with nothing - Seasick Steve - wellbeing blog

June 2019

'Cause I startedout with nothing and I've still got most of it left.

Started out with Nothing by Seasick Steve

Our obsession with possession.

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Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

July 2019

Summertime, a time to sit back and unwind.

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Viewing the summer as a season to reflect.

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Summer Song by Forever the Sickest Kids - Wellbeing Blog

August 2019

This is the night we came alive

Summer Song by Forever the Sickest Kids

The importance of making decisions.

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Rise Up - Andra Day - Wellbeing blog

July 2019

I'll rise up, and I'll do it a thousand times again.

Rise Up by Andra Day

Relational resilience in the face of adversity.

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Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald - Wellbeing Blog

August 2019

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald

Choosing life in challenging circumstances.

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Summer Love by One Direction Wellbeing Blog

August 2019

'Cause you were mine for the summer. Now it's nearly over.

Summer Love by One Direction

Accepting the reality of the present.

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Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 3) - Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Wellbeing blog

July 2019

Reasons to be cheerful (part 3).

by Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Choosing cheerfulness.

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Summertime by Bon Jovi - Wellbeing blog

August 2019

Feels something like summertime

Summertime by Bon Jovi

A time for fresh starts.

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Skunk Anansie - Weak As I Am - Wellbeing Blog

September 2019

If I opened my heart there'd be no space for air.

Weak As I Am by Skunk Anansie

The strength of emotional integrity.

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