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Wellbeing message of Umbrella by Rihanna

March 2019

'Cause in the dark, you can't see shiny cars

Umbrella by Rihanna

Ultimately, it's relationships which count.

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Roar - Katy Perry - Wellbeing blog

April 2019

You're gonna hear me roar!

Roar by Katy Perry

The importance of realising we always have choice to finding our voice.

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Everybody Hurts - REM - Wellbeing Blog

May 2019

Everybody Hurts

by REM

The commonanlity of despair.

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Grace Kelly - Mika - Wellbeing blog

April 2019

I try to be like Grace Kelly ... I've gone identity mad!

Grace Kelly by Mika

The challenge of being yourself.

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Antiheroics - Stanley Odd - Wellbeing blog

May 2019

I'd rather dance with the poets than bank on a bonus.

Antiheroics by Stanley Odd

Where do we place our trust when it comes to our happiness?

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Wings - Little Mix - Wellbeing Blog

May 2019

Spread your wings my little butterfly

Wings by Little Mix

Responding to hurtful words.

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On teh Road  Again by Willie Nelson

April 2019

On the road again

Willie Nelson

Responding to life's everyday challenges.

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Lull - Radiohead - Wellbeing blog

May 2019

Distracted by irrelevance?

Lull by Radiohead

How does our thinking impact on our experience of stress?

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Tracy Jacks - Blur - Wellbeing blog

June 2019

I'd love to stay here and be normal, but it's just so overrated.

Tracy Jacks by Blur

The importance of living our own idea of life.

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Human Behaviour - Bjork - Wellbeing Blog

April 2019

If you ever get close to a human

Human Behaviour by Bjork

The illogical but irresistible nature of human behaviour.

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Lights - Ellie Goulding - Wellbeing blog
Lost Myself - Longpigs - Wellbeing Blog

May 2019

Noises I play within my own head touch my skin

Lights by Ellie Goulding

How crippled are we by our own self-talk?

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June 2019

And dressed for the occasion day after day.

Lost Myself by Longpigs

Living life or waiting for it?

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