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I'd rather dance with the poets than bank on a bonus.

Stanley Odd

I was watching a programme the other week about a famous department store where all the staff are known as ‘partners’ (yes, you know the one!). It was a fascinating watch, but I was left feeling a little sad for the store’s partners at the end when it was revealed their last partners bonus was the lowest yet. Where as in the past they might even get an additional month’s wages in one go as an annual profit share, they were now getting next to nothing.

I should make it clear; this has nothing to do with the store involved, but more where we place our hope. The situation got me thinking. I’m a big fan of the Scottish hip-hop group Stanley Odd and what I saw reminded me very much of one of their lyrics from the song Antiheroics:

On the breadline or standing below it? I’d rather dance with the poets than bank on a bonus.

Comparatively, many of us will feel we are living in financially challenging times. Yet is there a greater challenge we face which might not be solved with financial security? For most of the partners of the department store who were interviewed on the programme, the smaller than expected bonus meant they would still survive, but with just a little less luxury. Yet perhaps what they gained throughout the year in terms of their working environment and conditions outweighed this?

The life of the poet may not be financially lucrative but may yet provide joy and satisfaction. Experiences money perhaps cannot buy. So, what do we choose? Do we choose the idea that financial security will make us happy, or do we risk dancing with the poets? A little less financial security, but so much more fun. The choice is ours. To quote another lyric from the song:

If you do nothing then you can’t say change is overdue, so let you feet do the talking …

The decisions we make as to where we place our security will impact on the everyday experiences of our life so much more than the bonus which may or may not come. So why not choose today to dance with the poets and see what difference it makes?

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