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We understand that sometimes our clients might not have the time to meet somewhere for an appointment or might prefer the anominity of email only contact.


That is why we offer online options at various price points and the option to talk via email coaching.


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Email-based Coaching


A fantastic, cost effective option, for people who would like life coaching but don't like meeting face to face, are pushed for time or have budget constraints. Our email coaching sessions offer the opportunity for reflection, motivation and accountability of an in person coaching session over the convenience of email. We have a variety of packages available.


Advantages of email coaching:


  • Affordable alternative to online video conference or in person sessions.
  • No need to schedule an appointment - you can email at your convenience.
  • Perfect for reflecting on ideas and thoughts.
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Video-call-based Coaching


The perfect option if you like to talk face-to-face but can't reach our offices or somewhere mutually convienent. Also saves on travel time. All our usual in-person options are available as a video-call option.

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Realign Coaching is a trading name for Dr Dave Wood. Dave is an individual and organisational member of the Association for Coaching.

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