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Where we meet and can make us feel comfortable and help us get the most from a session.


That is why at Realign Coaching we give you a choice.


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Most people choose to have their appointments at our office in Birkenhead. It's easy to reach by public transport and car with public parking (charged) available outside. We always have a selection of teas and coffee to help you feel at home.

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Some people prefer to meet at a neutral venue such as a cafe, fast food restaurant or bar. We can usually arrange this if on Wirral or in Liverpool City Centre at no extra cost.

Working outdoors

If your prefer, there is always the option of meeting outside and taking a walk during the session. Again, dependent on location, this is usually an option at no extra cost.

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By prior arrangement we can also undertake home or site visits for sessions. There is an addition cost for this service to cover travel cost and time. Please do check before booking a home visit.

Realign Coaching at Metanoeo Community Campus, 72-74 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT


Tel: (+44) 07472 716 195

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Realign Coaching is a trading name for Dr Dave Wood. Dave is an individual and organisational member of the Association for Coaching.

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