If you have any questions about how life coaching might be able to help you to realign your life please use the contact form.


You may be struggling with an issue, your self-esteem, vision or confidence. You may just feel like you've lost your way in life a little or need a bit of a reboot. Whatever the reason use the contact form to find out how you could start a new chapter of your life and see how life coaching might work for you. Alternatively book your appointment using the online booking button below.


Already convinced by the power of life coaching? Why not undertake the Metanoeo Accreditted Award in Community Life Coaching?



Realign Coaching, Metanoeo Community Campus - Wirral, 72-74 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT

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Tel: (+44) 07472 716 195


Realign Coaching,

Gostin's Building, Suite 609,

32-36 Hanover Street, Liverpool,

L1 4LN

Realign life coaching email address
Realign life coaching address
Realign life coaching phone number

Tel: (+44) 07472 716 195

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