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Wellbeing message of Just Like Starting Over by John Lennon
Wellbeing message of Standing in the way of control by Gossip
Wellbeing message of Ooooo it's your attitude by The Kinks

January 2019

(Just like) Starting over

John Lennon

Making fresh starts

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January 2019

Standing in the way of control


Who or what has control over our lives?

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February 2019

Ooooo, it's your attitude

The Kinks

Learning to live with discomfort instead of jumping to self-defence.

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Wellbeing message of Heavyweight champion of the world by Reverened and the Makers

February 2019

Heaveyweight chamption of the world

Reverend and the Makers

Not becoming like everyone else but becoming yourself.

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Wellbeing message of Everybody's gonna love today by Mika

February 2019

Everybody's gonna love today


Embracing daily choices.

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Wellbeing message of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

February 2019

It's strange what desire will make foolish people do

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

What is love and how is this different from desire?

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Wellbeing message of Who you are by Jessie J

March 2019

Tears don't mean your losing, everbody's brusing

Who You Are by Jessie J

Living with the integrity of really being me.

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Wellbeing message of On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

March 2019

You can have it all but not until you move it

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Responsibility and making decisions.

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Wellbeing message of St Elmo's fire by John Parr

March 2019

Take me where the future's lying

St Elmo's Fire by John Parr

Empowerment in times of struggle.

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